How to make Shakshuka/Menemen?

Shakshuka/ Menemen, a dish very popular in Turkey, North Africa and Middle East, is one of the easiest meal to prepare, takes about 35-40 mins from start to finish. It consist of easy pantry ingredients such as eggs, tomatoes, onions, bell pepper etc., and you can add or remove some ingredients according to your taste.… Read More

10 Natural Eggs Substitutes for baking:

Egg is an important ingredient for traditional baking. It provides structure and stability within the batter. It also acts as emulsifiers or thickener for sauces and creams. Eggs add moisture to the product and can also be used as a glazing agent. Although they are important for baking, these days many people don’t eat eggs… Read More

How to make a delicious, crunchy tofu sticks/strips!

Hey guys, Today I am bringing you a very simple and easy tofu recipe that will definitely satisfy your palate. If you are someone like me who is consciously trying to lower meat consumption (due to whatever reasons), then you must give it a go! Just to make it clear though, it’s not a substitute… Read More

Good MYLK – Is it better than other milk substitutes?

Unprompted articles by lobbyists from the dairy industry and people who believe in juice detoxes litter our social media like landfills. The debate about cow’s milk and plant-based milk is amusing and sometimes warlike, with its most zealous enthusiasts purporting ‘facts’ with no base in science. I have long felt a need to do ‘right’… Read More

How to make special Tofu fillings for MOMO/Dumpling

If you are a vegan or a vegetarian you are going to love this recipe for (which is the Tibeto-Nepalese name for dumplings). If you love dumplings and wanna try something which has a chewy texture and a juicy bite, then give this recipe a go. Ingredients: 60 pieces For the filing mix: 300g Firm… Read More

The Beginning…..

Hello, Welcome to Food Everest Katha! We are a team of two food enthusiasts who want to try out recipes, create recipes, review food & beverage products, share our scientific knowledge around these topics. In coming days we are going to publish posts related to recipes, nutrition and product reviews, along with food facts etc.… Read More

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